Senator Graham questions Turkey’s role in anti-ISIL battle in Syria

US Senator Lindsey Graham has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw forces from Syria, stating that he does not intend to outsource US national security to Turkey.

“I don’t intend to outsource our national security to any foreign power. This idea that Turkey is going to be the good guy, that Turkey is going to come into Syria and protect us against the rise of ISIS, is just crazy,” Graham said on the Senate floor on Dec. 19, 2018.

“What Turkey is going to do is unleash holy hell on the Kurds. In the eyes of Turkey, they are more of a threat than ISIS,” he emphasized.

“This decision is a disaster on multiple fronts, and I hope it can be changed. There is a resolution urging the president to make a withdrawal decision based on conditions on the ground after a vigorous interagency process,” Graham added.



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