Turkey extends deployment of troops in Afghanistan until 2021

A Norwegian soldier from the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission looks out of the ramp of a Chinook helicopter

Turkey has extended the deployment of Turkish troops in Afghanistan until 2021 as part of the NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces.

The motion, approved by parliament on Dec. 25, 2017, gave Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a broad mandate to choose the timing, scope and strength of the deployment of Turkish troops in Afghanistan. The approval was published in the Official Gazette on December 29, 2018.

The current mandate for troop deployment is set to expire on Jan. 6, 2019, and the fresh mandate will extend it for two more years to support the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission.

Turkey currently has 469 soldiers in Afghanistan.



Turkey maintained a troop presence in Afghanistan starting in October 2001 as part of support for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) until December 2014 and has been part of the Resolute Support Mission since then.

Turkey along with the US, Germany and Italy serve as “framework nations,” with each responsible for coordinating support and capabilities within its respective command region. Turkey is in charge of the Kabul capital area and is also responsible for the security and operation of Kabul International Airport.

The motion also grants the Erdoğan government authority to permit foreign army personnel to be transported to and from Afghanistan through Turkey.





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