Problems in transportation between Turkey and Albania remain unresolved


Problems in transportation between Turkey and Albania remain unresolved according to documents that showed the minutes of a recent joint commission meeting attended by officials from both countries.

The documents, obtained by Nordic Monitor, reveal that the Albanian delegation which visited Ankara March 12-13, 2019 proposed the signing of an agreement negotiated between the two countries on the mutual recognition of driver’s licenses. But the Turkish side balked at the idea and instead referred to the 1968 Vienna Convention, to which both countries are party and which covers the issue.


The minutes of the negotiations between Turkish and Albanian officials.


The Turkish delegation complained about a number of problems Turkish truckers face in Albania. They said Turkish trucks are obliged to leave Albania within eight hours of entering or be subject to fines, requesting that this period be extended to 15 hours. Another issue raised by Turkey was a fuel limitation imposed on Turkish trucks by Albania. The Turkish delegation asked for a cancellation of the limit or at least an increase in the cap to 550 liters if cancellation is not possible. The Turkish side also complained about new customs procedures enforced by Albanian officials in 2019 which Turkey claimed was causing long delays.

The delegations agreed to establish a quota for permits for Turkish truckers who transit Albania, with the cap set at 700 for the year 2019.

The Albanian delegation was led by Thimjo Plaku, general director for Policies in Infrastructure and Territory Development at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. The Turkish side was represented by Mahmut Gürses, general director for Road Transport Regulations at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The joint commission was set up as part of a road transportation agreement between the two countries that was signed on February 28, 2000.


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